About My Swim Guide

My Swim Guide

Hi! My name is Corine, and I’m a certified swim instructor with over 10 years of swim experience and the owner of a swim school.

I love teaching kids to swim and seeing their confidence grow at each lesson. The BEST feeling is the moment when a child who was previously afraid of the water swims by themselves for the first time. The look on their face after that is priceless.

I started¬†My Swim Guide¬†because I realized that I could help many more families beyond those that I teach locally. I also wanted to find a way to help families that either can’t afford swimming lessons or that want to teach their child to swim themselves as a bonding experience.

Also, I believe parents should have free access to swimming lesson guides and resources in hopes that this will help reduce the rate of drowning.

I like to use positive and creative methods to teach swimming so that the swim lessons are enjoyable AND productive. Life can be challenging enough as it is, so I don’t think it’s necessary to traumatize children into learning to swim. I know when I was a kid, or even now as an adult, I wouldn’t want to be traumatized into learning anything.

I’m glad you’re here. Let’s work together to teach your child to swim and have a little fun along the way!